Dragon busts from Pathfinder: Dragons Revisited.
Metallics are on the left, Chromatics are on the right.

For the record
Fire breathers- Red, Gold, Brass
Ice breathers- Silver, White
Acid breathers- Black, Green, Copper
Lightning breathers- Blue, Bronze



Dragon busts from Pathfinder: Dragons Revisited.

Metallics are on the left, Chromatics are on the right.

For the record

Fire breathers- Red, Gold, Brass

Ice breathers- Silver, White

Acid breathers- Black, Green, Copper

Lightning breathers- Blue, Bronze

A custom pet image of Silver I made for Aywas. I will prolly be uploading some more pictures of him from the contest I’m holding on the site XD

A custom pet image of Silver I made for Aywas. I will prolly be uploading some more pictures of him from the contest I’m holding on the site XD

Anonymous said: What has happened to the story? It hasn't updated in so long.

Um… I kept all of my archive (along with a LOT of other important stuff) on my jump drive Kuno. When Dragonlords stopped updating… Kuno died. I have been completely unable to get the data off him and most of my stuff including dragonlords didn’t have a backup.

A lot of the Rps are probably still somewhere in my msn chat archives but… those are a pain to find. And really we were running out of content to put in. Dragonlords hasn’t Rped much in a long time. Hopefully we can start working on it again, I hope so at least.

For those who still check here once in a while to see if there have been updates, thank you and I hope we can start posting more chapters here soon enough.

Chibi Lei, the silver dragonkin!

Chibi Lei, the silver dragonkin!

Chapter 102

Silver managed to stay mostly alert during his watch, and was replaced a few hours later by Bast, then Lei and finally Veldahar. The snow had stopped during the night, letting them move on the next day, though they did their best to mask their trail in the crisp fresh snow as they trudged ont hrough the pass.

Lei kept to the front as they started through the snow to break a path for everyone. Jing kept close to Bast, hoping they would get away from this snow soon. Keelin walked beside Cade, shivering a little.

Lyuthi stayed close to Veldahar helping where ever she could. But mainly tried to grab his hand at ANY moment… She wasn’t cold yet, and for that she was glad.

Johanna held Silver as they walked, not wanting his small feet to freeze. She stayed near the back to help stranglers.

When Cade saw Keelin shivering he gave her the blanket they had used the night before and offered his coat to Iris. He knew the two would be really cold.

Iris smiled, thanking Cade. “Aren’t you cold too?” She asked, cloak bundled up around her, his coat over that. Veldahar stayed to the back of the group, using his tail to break the trail marks behind the group, which walked in mostly single-file to hide their numbers and not break so much snow. It was deep enough to make it slow going though, and Chert grumbled about traveling in snow under his breath as he plodded along behind the first half of the group. He had reason enough, the snow reached his shoulders.

Lei looked back at the others once in a while, not wanting to get too ahead of them. “Everyone doing okay?” She called back.

Keelin looked at Cade and smiled, “Thank yiou very much.”

Lyuthi barely heard Lei, but waved to prove she was okay. She looked back at Veldahar and smiled. “How are you feeling?”

Cade shook his head with a smile. “Nope. I feel fine.” He said then nodded at the two as they walked.

Johanna sighed at Chert. “We should use you as a sled…” She mumbled.

Veldahar smiled, “I think my tail will be numb by the time we stop.” He said, giving her hand a squeeze as he winked. “Other than that, I’m fine.” Chert glowered at Johanna as Silver giggled at her comment. All in all, the group was okay, the day was at least better than the night before.

Lyuthi smiled back. “I will rub it when we stop, get it all warmed up again.~” She said with a wink before turning to look at the group.

Johanna grinned and blew a kiss to Chert when he glowered at her. He was fun AND easy to tease.

They stopped for a cold, quick lunch, and plodded onwards. By nightfall the group had advanced well into the mountains, but they were not as lucky as the first night, there was no cave for them, just an open wedge slightly sheltered from the cold and snow, but not as warm as their first camp.

Jing shivered and kept close to Bast as they stopped for the night, her tail curling around him. “Stupid snow…” She muttered.

Keelin sat beside Cade, shivering as well but moving so him her and Iris could share the blanket.

Lei sat at the edge of the wedge as a lookout since the others were so cold.

By the time they stopped Lyuthi was cold and she hugged his arm in feeble attempt to warm them both up. “Let’s get settled and I’ll warm up that tail..okay?” She asked with a shivering smile.

Cade let the two girls sit beside each other and sat on Keelin’s side. This way the two could get more warmth.

Johanna sat near Chert and wrapped her tails around Silver. “Warm master?”

Bast was just as cold as everyone, but he hid it well, hugging Jing as he wrapped themselves in bedroll and blanket. The whole group huddled together for warmth, Chert even allowing Johanna to use her tails to warm him more. Silver nodded contently, “Much warmer than last mountain we crossed.” He said honestly.

Veldahar chuckled as he sat with her, hugging her clsoe and placing his tail between them. It felt frozen stiff and he had a hard time moving it, the lethargy of the cold making it stiff, and him sleepy. He looked over to the other males. “Perhaps we should make a fire to warm up.”

Jing hugged Bast back tightly, trying to keep warm.

Keelin was tired from how cold it was, leaving agenst Cade’s side and quickly falling asleep.

Johanna shrugged, she felt fine on both mountains. “..Just get some rest master.” She said as she curled her tails around the two males.

Lyuthi nuzzled her face against his neck for a moment before gently rubbing his tail, up and down, to warm it up. “They should make the fire, you need to rest.” She said kissing his cheek.

Cade nodded and was about to stand when Keelin fell asleep on him. Smirking slightly he looked to Johanna who looked to Silver. “Master, may I make a fire?”

Bast considered, glancing around the small huddled group. He sighed, “Perhaps you’re right, we do need a fire.” He said, looking towards Lei. “Lei, do you think you could find some wood around here to build a small fire?”

Silver looked up and grinned, “Yeah! Make a nice cozy fire that won’t make too much light and no smoke.” He nodded.

Johanna grinned, oh she liked a challenge! “Alright~” She said then held out her hands, closed her eyes, and focused on his order. That’s when in the middle of the group a medium sized fire appeared, it lit up just enough of the group but gave them all warmth, and no smoke.. “What do you think?” She asked with a grin.

The jerboa grinned, “Perfect!” He wriggled closer to the fire, as did everyone else. Veldahar smiled, patting Lyuthi’s hand as he motioned to move closer, and moved his tail right by the edge, sighing as he felt the warmth on his scales.

Lei had been about to make move and make a fire but smiled at he saw the fire. “Impressive Johanna.”

Jing smiled a bit as she saw the fire but just kept close to Bast, closing her eyes and relaxing.

Johanna smiled these spells were easy to create, but keeping them for extended periods of time was the hard part. “It should last…half of the night.” She said with a slight frown. “Maybe longer.”

Lyuthi of course moved with Veldahar but kept rubbing his tail to help speed up the process. “Thanks Johanna~” She said with a smile.

Bast nodded, “That should be good enough to keep us warm, just as long as we keep close together we can make sure to keep the warmth between us.”

Jing nodded, “Should be warm enough…” She said softly.

Lyuthi leaned against Veldahar and slowly fell asleep, his tail would have to be warmed by the fire.

Veldahar smiled as he saw Lyuthi asleep, pulling her close in a warm hug, letting her lean her head against his chest as he leaned back against the rock. Soon he too was asleep. Bast shivered, but was beginning to warm up. He snuggled close to Jing, and was soon snoring softly.

Jing kept close to bast, falling asleep cuddled close to him.

Lei looked at the others as they fell asleep smiling a bit before looking out again.

Cade finally fell asleep when both females did and slept soundly, Bast’s snoring not bothering him.

Johanna eyed Bast, did she have to hear that ALL night!? Looking to Silver she sighed.

To Johanna’s relief, Bast’s snoring quieted down after he moved slightly to get more comfortable, snuggling with Jing close to the fire. However, later during the night, Chert’s snoring outdid Bast’s by far, waking Silver in a particularly loud snort.

Johanna had zoned out by then but flinched when he started up. Looking to Silver she frowned then glared at Chert. “Old man..” She said as her tail moved up to tickle his nose.

Lei looked over at this and chuckled, “Johanna…” She said softly. “If you wake Chert he will make a fuss and everyone needs their sleep.”

Chert grumbled, shifting as he swatted the tail away. “Not old…” He grumbled under his breath as he turned around and kept sleeping.

Johanna grinned widely, not really paying much attention to Lei. Chert would have woken them with those snores too!

Lei sighed, shaking her head and looking back out into the snow.


During Lei’s watch, the draik saw a large shadow pass above them. The thin feeling of dragon fear that made Silver and Iris shiver in their sleep confirmed the fact it had been a dragon, but the large beast didn’t seem to see their small fire and passed on above them.

Lei tensed up as he saw the shadow, frowning as she looked up at the sky. Not good. She looked at Johanna, hoping she felt the dragon fear and would dim the fire without the need to say something.

Johanna slowly dimmed the fire staring up at the sky. That was not good. When Silver tensed she pulled him closer.

Silver relaxed as he was snuggled, but the dragon passed by the camp site twice more during the night, before finally flying off.

Lei bit her lip as she felt the dragon fear. This wasn’t good at all… would it be safe to travel in the morning?

Bast awoke when it was his time to take a turn at watch, yawning as he moved Jing slowly so as not to wake her, covering her with both their blankets before picking his way to Lei’s side. “Anything to report?” He whispered.

"Dragon… Flew over three times tonight already." Lei whispered back.

He frowned, “I wonder if he’s looking for us… or Aurixel…”

Lei was confused as she heard that, “Aurixel…?”

Bast nodded, “Jing’s childhood friend, and uhm… he’s from our island.”

Lei frowned and looked outside again. “Not that it matters much to us right now… Best to make sure that dragon doesn’t know we are here, if it finds us we will be in trouble even if its after someone else.”

Bast nodded, “At least so far it hasn’t. I just hope it’s still not looking tomorrow.”

"lets hope…" Lei said before moving back a bit to let Bast take her post and she could try and get some sleep.

Bast nodded, settling down to take his watch. He didn’t see or sense the dragon the second half of the night.